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Spring Beauty Trends: 11 Hair and Makeup Looks for 2020 — Photo Shoot, Interviews

We selected the top makeup trends from the spring/summer 2020 runway shows and asked makeup artist Raisa Flowers, hairstylist Rubi Aguilar Jones, and photographer Francesca Allen to interpret modern mullet, pearl hair, watercolor eye shadow, black lip gloss, and more for the real world.

Allure Beauty Editors' Favorite Products This Week

These are the beauty products Allure editors vetted and voted for — our new and exciting favorite picks. Because we get to see and test every beauty product that comes out, there's a lot to go through. Here are those that recently impressed us.

London Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2020: Best Hair and Makeup Trends — Photos

London Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2020 is showcasing some of the biggest and coolest hair and makeup trends we've ever seen. Here, we break down our favorite shows and trends that are going to be seen everywhere this year.

How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes, and How Often You Should Do It

Makeup artists and dermatologists answer all our questions about makeup-brush cleansing. Discover how to clean your makeup brushes, how often, and which products are the most effective.

Toner vs. Essence vs. Astringent: How to Choose for Your Skin — Expert Insight

From old-school astringents to new toners to Korean essences], there are multiple options to follow up your cleanser. But which solution is best for your skin? Here, experts weigh in on what each one does and the type of product that's right for you.

Amazon Sales of OGX Argan Oil Body Wash Surged 10,000 Percent Overnight

According to Amazon's Movers & Shakers sales tracker, between Saturday, February 15, and Sunday, February 16, sales of OGX Extra Hydrating Argan Oil of Morroco Body Wash jumped up an incredible 10,000 percent. This surge put it at fourth among all the pampering products and made it the number-one best-seller in the Bath & Shower Gels category.

How Oracle Cards Are Different From Tarot Plus 7 of the Best Decks

Oracle decks are different than tarot cards but can provide a new angle of insight into your love and career. Here are the seven best decks and how to use them.

Inside the Unchecked World of the Spas Lining the Las Vegas Strip

For Allure's March 2020 issue, Jessica Chia explored the unchecked world of the spas that line the famous Las Vegas strip, including Qua Baths & Spa at Caesars and Canyon Ranch Spa + Fitness at the Venetian Resort.

I Was Born With a Cleft Palate but Reddit Helped Me Heal

Writer Daley Quinn was born with a cleft palate and went through decades of surgery while feeling alone. Then, as an adult, she found a community on Reddit — and everything changed.

Robert Pattinson on the Scents He Loves and the One He Finds 'Revolting' — Interview

Allure's Brennan Kilbane speaks to actor and Dior Homme fragrance ambassador Robert Pattinson about beauty, and the scents he loves, finds revolting, and can't quite describe.