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NBA changed its rules on sneakers. Now players are bringing high fashion to the court

Thanks to an NBA rule change starting with the 2018-'19 season, players can wear any color sneakers they want. The result? A whole lot of self-expression - and an emphasis on the fashionable side of performance footwear.

Here’s how brand-endorsed NBA players get perfectly fitting footwear

If you’ve been hyper-focusing on the close-to-floor show this NBA season, the cacophony of color resulting from the association’s rule change might have brought something curious to your attention. Many of the marquee players are swapping out their kicks with surprising frequency. (On the off chance...

NBA stars turn to Salvador Amezcua, a.k.a. Kickstradomis, for colorful sneaker designs

L.A. native Salvador Amezcua gave up on art after a car accident but he returned to his craft after a visit with Karl-Anthony Towns Jr. and inspiration for a custom sneaker design for the Minnesota Timberwolves player.

From Nike to Gucci, a brief history of basketball-inspired sneakers

From customized kicks to signature shoes, we've compiled a list of basketball sneaker standouts.

Timeline: Highlights from a century of signature kicks

A look at some of the most important signature basketball shoes - on court and in popular culture - from the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star and PF Flyers to the all-new Nike Adapt BB.

L.A. Clipper Montrezl Harrell builds a stellar sneaker collection — one rare pair at a time

The ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus once observed that “no man ever steps in the same river twice.” Were Heraclitus alive today — and a fan of the Los Angeles Clippers — he would undoubtedly appreciate the sneaker game of Montrezl Harrell, who has made it a personal goal to never step onto...

Here’s why we’re madly in love with luxe basketball sneakers

Three years ago, the word “athleisure” was added to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, defined as “casual clothing designed to be worn both for exercising and for general use.” Its inclusion crystallized a growing sartorial shift: the remarkable ascent of casual, fitness-oriented apparel, which, in...

Eastbay catalog memories: It’s where a generation went to look at sneakers — and dream

“It was my bible as a kid,” P.J. Tucker, the NBA’s savior of soles, the lord of laces, the king of kicks, told me early last month when I asked him about Eastbay, once a go-to resource for young athletes. Tucker wasn’t always able to put the finest fashion on his feet. Before earning the unofficial...

Sheryl Swoopes, a WNBA superstar, on her big Nike moment: 'I still get a little choked up'

The year was 1995. Women’s basketball was building hype by creating a power squad for the Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta. Just two years earlier, the Texas Tech Lady Raiders wowed the nation by winning the NCAA Women’s Basketball National Championship led by Brownfield, Texas, native Sheryl Swoopes’...

How Michael Jordan became a brand

Michael Jordan remains the OG signature shoe king 16 years after his last NBA game and 21 years after his last championship. His Jordan brand, introduced by the Chicago Bulls superstar in 1984 and marketed by Nike in 1985 as the Air Jordan 1, created the basketball sneaker branding market. In fiscal...

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14 Feb 2019 17:30

About last night: Celebrating the 'unforgettable' play about Nat King Cole

<p>At the after-party following the West Coast <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">premiere of “Lights Out: Nat ‘King’ Cole” at the Geffen Playhouse</a> in Westwood, Cole’s twin daughters summed up their thoughts about the play. “Unforgettable, in every way,” said Timolin Cole, reciting a little from her father’s famous song. Her sister,...</p>

14 Feb 2019 05:00

No endorsement deal? No problem. Spencer Dinwiddie created his own sneakers brand

<p>Spencer Dinwiddie doesn’t look like a superhero, at least not on this January morning in Houston, but he just played like one.</p> <p>The night before, Dinwiddie, a long-armed, goateed 25-year-old from Woodland Hills, scored 11 points for the Brooklyn Nets in the last 90 seconds of the fourth quarter...</p>

14 Feb 2019 03:30

Feats of style: The NBA’s biggest sneakerheads dish about their shoe collections

<p>Many of basketball’s best moments come in the air — players floating through the sky for a gravity-defying dunk, a soul-snatching block or buzzer-beating jump shot.</p> <p>However, the things that connect players to the court and anchor them to the floor — their sneakers — have become a source of passion...</p>

14 Feb 2019 03:00

Sneaker grails: Find out which sneakers cost more than cars

<p>Sneakerheads call them “holy grails” — the most coveted and seldom-seen treasures, akin to that Last Supper tableware that medieval knights never tracked down.</p> <p>A grail list is highly subjective, but one way to measure rarity is by price. Some are one-of-a-kind creations never intended to be worn....</p>