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Horoscope for Aquarius

When Venus left Aquarius in the final days of March, she wrapped up all planetary activity here and with it, she brought the launch of this new solar year to a close. While the Sun left Aquarius in February, bringing your birthday month to a close, until Venus moved through your heart had yet to have its voice and until it did, you weren't ready to commit to anything. Venus' job, before she left, was to update your personal, romantic and relationship desires and expectations for the coming year. As the planet of love, Venus was especially focused on the latter two and here there is every reason for confidence. It was in the final hours of March and just days after Venus left Aquarius, that Mars returned to a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart, for the first time in nearly two years. Mars will spend all April and the first half of May here, fuelling your romantic and creative passions. In addition, this year not only holds fewer challenges on the relationship front, there is an excess of support on the communication front, support that will only increase as the month progresses. In the meantime, with a second Full Moon in an adventurous part of your chart in as many months on 19th April, there is a fun and adventurous quality to the month. To start with Venus and Mercury are more focused on exploring and exploiting income potential, as well as working to leave you with a lucrative sense of direction. With Mars returning to your work sector next month and some stunning developments on the job front in the middle months of the year, Venus and Mercury are less worried about what's possible now, knowing the professional conditions will only improve. However, until Mercury leaves your income sector on 17th April and Venus on 21st April, they will have their eye on both the short and long term.

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